Working Within Legal Framework


I will be aware of of the current policy and legislation.
I will know how this policy is applied to my work.
I will be able to support the person I work with to think about the information they are sharing and how to keep them safe online.
I will also be able to think about sharing information and how consent is given.
I will know how to invite and restrict viewing on the Wiki.


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Use this last week to share some of the learning people have had while working and doing the activities with the person they support.
What have been the highlights, positive outcomes? What has been the challenges?

It might be nice to share some of their next steps or what they are hoping to achieve with the person they support.
Can they think of a wider audience to support the person to share their wiki with?


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Please watch the animation.

Lola is now leading a more independent life and acting on behalf of her friend Mahmood.


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Richard Lohan is now going to talk you through how the RIX Wikis are supporting us with meeting the legislation and government policy. To ensure person centred approaches and making reasonable adjustments for those with learning disabilities to access and own information.

Richard again highlights putting the choice and control into the hands of the individual. What sort of reasonable adjustments have you made in your work? Have you thought about the use of Wikis to make information accessible to others?


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Case Study

Please watch Derren’s case study.

Derren had the opportunity to show his preferences through the RIX Wiki.

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Please watch Ajay Choksi, the ‘RIX Wiki Master’ showing you how to share your RIX Wiki with others.

Download Wiki User Guide

Download Wiki User Guide


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Open and work through the E-Safety Wiki by clicking here.
Support the person you work with to understand who they would like to share their Wiki with and discuss their future plans, confidentiality and copyright.


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choice and control

Session 6 - Working within Legal Framework

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