Working in an Empowering Way


I will think about how to be truly person centred with the person I work with.
I will be able to support the person I work with to dream.
I will be able to think about what dreams may be like for someone with very complex needs.
I will be able to support someone to break down big goals into small achievable steps.
I will be able to add sound to my RIX Wiki and record someone else.


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 – Give people sheets to draw their dream for what they would like to achieve in the next five years.
– Compare your dreams either as a group or in peers and share highlights.
– Now ask people to think about a dream for the person they support for the next five years.
– How do they compare and contrast – it’s a good opportunity to discuss even small steps are important dreams and also how important it is to have big aspirations.

Give people the opportunity to try out collating what is important to and what is important for –
Share and discuss


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Watch the animation.

This part of the animation shows Lola’s friend Mahmood and the use of multimedia to let others know how he communicates, that he wants to be able to choose what he eats, (how often is this decision made for people we work with or care about?) and that he wants a Personal Assistant that enjoys music so he can be supported to stay out late at gigs. How do we empower others to lead a full life?


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Sam Goncalves is now going to share her family’s experiences of using multimedia and person centred approaches with her son Shane to empower him to have the life they all aspire to.

How well do you empower the person you support or know? Did Sam make you think about the aspirations and dreams you may have? Do you know what others (family and friends) dream for the person you support? What are your perceptions of what is achievable, do you aim high? How often are people involved in their own decision-making? Sam asks do we listen more than talk? Have you heard of Person Centred planning? What is important to you and important for you in your life, can you think of some examples?


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Case Study

Please watch the Dreams case study.

What do you think of the range of dreams? Do you have any of these?


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Please watch Ajay Choksi, the ‘RIX Wiki Master’ showing you how to add pages and information in these three videos.

Download Wiki User Guide

Download Wiki User Guide


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Think about some dreams you may have, can you work together with the person you support to share each others dreams.
If this is challenging you may start with what they really like or enjoy or ask two other people who know the person well what they would dream of for the future for that individual.
This planning towards goals document will help with your planning.
Add these to their RIX Wiki through words, pictures or sounds.


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Session 2 - Working in an Empowering Way


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