Understanding Person-Centred Working


I will be aware what Person Centred Planning tools are available and what they look like in practice.
I will be able to support someone to think about networks of support and involving family and friends.
I will try some Person centred tools out with someone and evaluate how useful they were.
I will be able to support the person I work with to begin to involve others in their planning.
I will be able to record and upload video to the Wiki.


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If you are completing this training in a face to face group session you can use these suggested activities and discussion points to help facilitate and to reflect on the content.

 – With the group complete the good day and bad day exercise and share your results.
– Highlight how different we are and how we make adaptions to support, how this can also be helpful for dreaming because it highlights the likes and what makes the person happy.


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Watch the animation.

In this section of the animation Lola is beginning to think about what she wants for her future, how this may be developed into a plan/path and shared with others to help her achieve it.


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Gosia Kwiatkowska is now going to explain to you in more detail some of these different tools and ways of working for person centred planning.

Are you thinking about how you actively enable the person you support or know to stay in charge and in control of their life? How well do we truly empower the person we know? Or have you seen learnt helplessness? What about the suggestion of starting with what we like and admire about the person, what would the person you support say about you if they could? What did you think of the Path tool? Would this be useful for you?


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Case Study

Please watch Gill’s case study.

Gill demonstrates the power of communication through the RIX Wiki.


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Please watch Ajay Choksi, the ‘RIX Wiki Master’ showing you how to add video to your Wiki.

Download Wiki User Guide

Download Wiki User Guide


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Support the person you work with to film someone else recalling a nice, enjoyable or funny memory from childhood to upload to their RIX Wiki.
Try out a PCP tool – first think for yourself ‘what is a good day like?’ and then ‘what is a bad day like?’. This what’s working document will help.
Now support the person you know or work with to do the same and upload it to their RIX Wiki.
What key information have you learnt?


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Session 3 - Understanding Person Centred Working

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