Understanding Communication


I will understand what communication is and what that may look like for a range of people.
I will be able to support the person I work with to ensure their right to communicate is exercised at all times.
I will be aware of a range of tools available to support someone.
I will reflect on my communication with the person I support.
I will be able to add a map to my Wiki.


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If you are completing this training in a face to face group session you can use these suggested activities and discussion points to help facilitate and to reflect on the content.

As a group discuss the relationship circles, with everyone’s experience in the room who are the possible people in the difference levels of circles of support.
This gives an opportunity to think about people we would not normally always include – the local shop keeper, bus driver and sometimes even pets can be very important.


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Please watch this animation.

This short section of the animation highlights how key information in a visual way can be very empowering for an individual. Everyone is then very clear on how to interact and consistency is achieved.


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Kathryn Stowell is now going to give you an overview of communication and how effective the RIX Wikis can be to share this information.

Are you now thinking about how you communicate with the person you know? The next activity will give you the chance to do this in more detail. Sometimes we take for granted how well someone is able to communicate and taking the time to watch and observe your interactions can be invaluable. Does it make you think about the pace and language you communicate with? Has this made you think of some of the communication skills that can be shared on the wiki of the person you support?


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Case Study

Please watch the communication case study.

Had you thought about how others can learn from an change interactions by using the RIX Wiki?


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The technical tutorial in this section will teach you how to use video. Please take a look at our ‘Guide to Video’.

Download Wiki User Guide

Download Wiki User Guide


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Ask someone to video an interaction with the person you support or know. This video can be included in the communication section of their RIX Wiki. View and reflect on the communication skills in the video.
Look at the pace of your interaction, the quality, eye contact, tone of voice, body and facial expressions. What can you and others learn from it?
Could you expand more on the communication section of the Wiki? You might like to look back at the Person Centred Planning Wiki template and the communication section to see if there are any other areas you could add.


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Session 4 - Understanding Communication

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