Introduction to Multimedia Advocacy


I will have some knowledge of the history of self-advocacy.
I will understand why I would use multimedia.
I understand the role I play in empowering people who have very complex needs.
I can set up my own Wiki and support someone else to begin to plan theirs.
I can consider the use of images, what these may portray and upload to my Wiki.


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If you are completing this training in a face to face group session you can use these suggested activities and discussion points to help facilitate and to reflect on the content.

 – Ask members to bring three images that tells something about themselves or that would be a good way to introduce themselves – then discuss why did they choose those images? (this could be done in pairs)
– This helps us to look at how we portray ourselves positivity.
– Think about the people we support – what are the differences.

Look at the range of devices people have on them – how and what features do they use (social media, calendars, apps to monitor health, reminders ) – compare this to people they work with – what could be helpful?


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This animation gives us an overview of the life of someone with a learning disability and the integrated use of multimedia advocacy.

Over this six hour course we will look in more detail at some of the key areas in this animation which we can empower and support each other. As part of each week’s activity you will be required to work with someone, that you usually support to build their RIX Wiki.


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Andy Minnion is now going to introduce you to Multimedia Advocacy and some of the key principles and practice which has been developed at the RIX Research and Media Centre.

You should now understand why we would use multimedia. Are you now thinking about the images you take and why? We would like you to try some of these principles and practices with the person you work with.

Look at your phone, Tablet, iPad, your images and social media, how do you portray and express yourself? How about the person you support, do they have the same access and how are they portrayed? Do we exclude or include?


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Case Study

Please watch Charlie’s case study.

Interesting that the sharing of Charlie’s Wiki has had an impact on his confidence and self-esteem.


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Please watch Ajay Choksi, the ‘RIX Wiki Master’ showing you the basics of the RIX Wiki Set-Up in these two videos.


Download Wiki User Guide

Download Wiki User Guide


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Work together with the person you support or know to personalise their RIX Wiki, change the colour and add their name to their RIX Wiki. You may like to add their picture in the centre and introduce who they are.
Have a look through the various templates which have been developed for RIX Wikis.

Charlton Park PCP Wiki


CV Template Wiki


Care Plan Template Wiki

Now plan out the different sections you need and add a key image. Download the Wiki Layout document to help.


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Session 1 - Introduction to Multimedia Advocacy


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